Peppermint Fizz Bath Fizzie


$ 5.00

Hot Cocoa has melted our snowmen! These super cute bath bombs will send you straight into the nostalgia of your childhood. This year, we are making both the snowmen and the peppermint candies available with polysorbate 80. This emulsifying agent helps oils and colorants mingle with water and helps prevent staining. For those who prefer the "all-natural" approach we still have the Peppermint Candy Fizzies available without the poly 80 and just peppermint essential oil.

Our Terpene free peppermint oil is soothingly cool and can help relieve stress and ease headaches. A clear benefit during the upcoming holidays. Nothing synthetic or unnatural. All Natural. No SLS, Polysorbates or Soap. 3.8 oz

Ingredients: Baking soda, Epson salt, citric acid, corn starch, kaolin clay, coconut oil, peppermint oil (terpene free), H20, isopropyl alcohol, mica.

Snowmen are only available with fragrance and poly 80 added to the above ingredients.

*Product is available but can take up to one week for production.

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