Lavender Scrub Gift Set

Simmons Natural Bodycare

$ 25.00
Lavender Scrub Gift Set | Simmons Natural Bodycare
Simmons Handcrafted Lavender Bar Soap is fragrant and soothing to skin and senses. With extra oils and lavender's fresh aroma you'll understand lavenders ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect and enhance blood circulation as well as sooth and treat respiratory discomfort. Exfoliate, regenerate and leave skin moisturized and smooth with a deep radiant glow.

A 'spa treatment in a jar', Trillium Organic Body Polish leaves skin unbelievably silky, smooth and supple, for days.
Special salt crystals exfoliate dry skin, unclogging pores, purifying and preparing for deep absorption of the fragrant, emollient, organic oils.

Blended for ayurvedic aromatherapeutic benefits as well as toning and moisturizing the skin. 
*Let us know if you would like a gift wrapped box or a personalized note.

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