About Us "Naturally"

We are so pleased to announce that we, (Henry & Cindy) have taken the reigns of Simmons Natural Bodycare in hand. It has been a long journey getting here. After 20+ years living in Los Angeles we knew we had to get back to nature. We have been in love with the Humboldt County area for years and feel so fortunate to be here every day.

A very dear friend heard of this opportunity and we jumped right away. If we could have used a teleporter we would have. We are now settling in and getting the warehouse ready for production. Next we are building a new curing room for new carefully handcrafted soap to grow up. Henry is in charge of making soap. A process he trained closely with Dennis to learn. Product recipes will remain the same and customers can still depended upon receiving their products unchanged. Cindy is in the office and when you call it will probably be her answering the phone.

The philosophy and lifestyle that the Simmons adopted spoke to us and inspired us in such a way that making a life change this drastic was a “no brainer”.

The Simmons story began in 1979, when they began crafting soaps. The special needs of people with allergies and sensitivities really became part of what Simmons is best known.

We practice, promote and support a philosophy of sustainability, renewability and repurposing. Our ingredients are biodegradable, food grade, and mostly organic. Obviously we are not involved in anything that harms animals.

It is our plan to continue the practice of giving back, by contributing to our local community and the world community through volunteer work and donations. We will continue to donated 2% of the sales of our bars soaps to Heifer International and support other small businesses through our website. We will continue to plant enough trees worldwide to offset our carbon emissions through Trees for the Future.

We adopt the Simmons mission whole hearted!

“Here at Simmons Natural Bodycare it is our mission to provide for the basic needs of our skin and bodies in the best possible way.” Dennis & Dottie Simmons

Live naturally,

Henry & Cindy